I’m Voting for the Separation of Church and State

I can trace my ancestry back to the Mayflower. That makes me a DAR, a daughter of the American Republic. And as a DAR, I can assure you that one thing the founders of the USA got right was the separation of church and state. My ancestors came to this continent because they suffered religious […]

Healing and Heresy

Horses and horse people appear to love pageantry and celebration.   For contemporary horse blessing, take a look at this you-tube of a Tibetan Horse festival on their way to bless the fields.An ancient and  dramatic pageantry that can lift people up and carry them into a different way of being and awareness of the world […]

The Colonial Spanish Horse

In the summer of 1979, I got a call from the curator at The Albuquerque Museum. They had acquired a complete set of  15th century Spanish horse armor and could not find a horse model to display it on. They asked if I would send measurements of my Colonial Spanish horses to them so they […]