Peaking Polarization

“The U.S. government advises other countries that are emerging from authoritarian regimes to undertake a process of ‘transitional justice’ to return to healthier footing. We should heed our own advice. That means establishing independent investigations to account for abuses that took place, violations of law, and restoring ethical and professional norms through government and private […]

Hillary, It’s Not About You

Focusing on Hillary Clinton’s e-mails is part of Trump’s effort to create confusion as we head into the 2020 election. But the response she has come up with, proclaiming she is right and that she only lost the 2016 election because of Russian propaganda is as narcissistic a position as Trump’s tweets. Alex Hinton is […]

The White Man’s Disease

When the corona virus first hit, my reaction was that it was going to provoke tremendous social change. Diseases spread when populations are treated as disposable production units not living beings. I was sure that the pandemic was going to expose long-standing inhumane working and living conditions. But it took radical widespread protests for the […]

More Tales of the (UN)Civil Guard

It is unfortunate that speaking out on racism makes me a target for all factions of racism. There are people of color, including my half-brother, who insist that I am an outsider who cannot possibly understand their experiences. So I have thought long and hard about posting any of my own experiences. There is nearly […]

More on the (UN)Civil Guard

Singh and Brown have been using the the India Palace restaurant in Santa Fe for the last five weeks as a place to prepare food and care packages for homeless people in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The vandal or vandals destroyed these supplies, leaving packaged goods strewn across the restaurant’s dining room. The […]