The Choctaw Princess 90 Days On

A bucket of probiotic mash (click here) was enough to keep the Choctaw Princess’s attention long enough to get a side view photo. After 90 days, her condition is starting to stabilize. Although the changes are more subtle now, they are still important. Even a month ago, the top line of her croup was still […]

The Choctaw Princess after 60 Days

Here we are after sixty days in the same place at the same time, doing the same thing. We had had a few moments of discussing whether she was going to eat with her side or her backside facing my camera. The look of indignation in this latest photo was immediately followed by her swinging […]

The Choctaw Princess 30 Days Later

I usually find myself regretting that I have not taken before pictures a year or so after my rescue horses show up. This time around, I decided to take photos of the Choctaw Princess every 30 days starting from the beginning and make a record of how she changes. The easiest way to get a […]