Peaking Polarization

“The U.S. government advises other countries that are emerging from authoritarian regimes to undertake a process of ‘transitional justice’ to return to healthier footing. We should heed our own advice. That means establishing independent investigations to account for abuses that took place, violations of law, and restoring ethical and professional norms through government and private […]

The ACLU, the FBI and Quora

The American Civil Liberties Union notes that: ‘The FBI has also established a new database called eGuardian to collect and share suspicious activity reports with the federal intelligence agencies, the Department of Homeland Security, fusion centers, the military and state and local law enforcement.‘ A commentator sent me a reference from Quora in response to […]

No Where to Turn

Maria Farmer reported Epstein for recruiting minors for sexual liaisons to the FBI in 1995, but her information was dismissed. Epstein went on to abuse countless girls and young women. He and Maxwell are now the public face of the international sex ring, but those whose perverse appetites he was satisfying are still out there […]