Ivory Tower

I recently had another wave of anonymous non-profit directors coming to look at my Linked-in profile. Since this is usually an indication of interest on the part of the Cuyemungue Institute (click here), I went to take a look at their latest newsletter. Sure enough there is a rebuttal to my blogs on my experiences […]

On Dealing with Demons

‘…in all religious communities Around the world, Of whatever cultural allegiance, People indicate by their behavior That for them, Spirit beings are part Of the larger All encompassing reality. As contact with such experiences In an ever-shrinking world Becomes more frequent It behooves us To treat what others experience With respect And should we encounter […]

Rune Stances

Another reason that I pursue the likelihood of Parzival learning about his lineage and responsibilities through Ecstatic Trance Postures (click here) is because there is an ancient esoteric use of body posture associated with the Runes whose principles are still in active practice.  Edred Thorsson’s book “Futhark” is admirable in its melding of history and […]

Ecstatic Trance Postures

Translations are always a challenge but here is an English version of Machado’s poem (click here) Having gotten Parzival to the Externsteine where he learns his true lineage, looks at the consequences of his actions, and finds his spiritual compass, I have to ask how these insights were precipitated.  Wolfram tells us that our protagonist […]

In the Esoteric Outhouse

“The most undervalued people that are among the most vital to the health of a community are the garbage men that clean up the trash and take care of the sewage Shamans are actually esoteric garbage men their primary responsibility is cleaning up the psychic sewage Joseph Earl Annon While I was seeking help with […]


For the record, I am certified as an ecstatic trance instructor by the Felicitas Goodman Institut based in Germany.  That I met the requirements for certification was entirely serendipitous. My connection with Felicitas Goodman is personal and I made it clear that I only accepted the certificate out of respect for her and to honor […]

Tree Teachings

An embarrassingly long time ago I crossed paths with Mayan elder Don Alejandro. For some reason I felt compelled to tell him my father’s story and he was kind enough to listen.  What he told me when I finished has stayed with me ever since. Of course, decades old memories are suspect, but what I […]