The Ideal Spanish Mustang is a Square Horse

I have written a series of explanations and acclamations about the wondrous Square Horse. Now I want to make it clear that my image of a healthy population of Colonial Spanish horses and breeders is something like a trampoline. If there is full circle with enough people holding their opinions and enough horses strongly enough, […]

Functional Soundness and Spanish Colonial Horses

During our conversations in the mid-seventies, Weldon McKinley told me that they only saw a few signs of the Spanish Colonial horses the first few years they owned the Romero ranch. They set out to catch some of D.D. Romero‚Äôs Spanish Colonial horses when they found that hoof prints and manure piles indicated that the […]

Baroque Horses in New Mexico

According to the Forest Service web sites, the El Rito horses are the only band of free roaming horses running on Forest Lands in New Mexico that have genetic markers that match up with those found in modern Andalusian and Lusitano horses. The family names carved into the beams and pews of the small churches […]