The Isometric Rider

I am working my way through ‘Horse Brain, Human Brain’ and I keep having to put the book down. Janet Jones is great on theory, but horses are pragmatists. They really do not care how we humans rationalize our behavior. Her ideas on ‘building an equestrian brain’ sound good until she gets to the exercises. […]

Horse Brain, Human Brain

I decided to try to read this book even though there so little research on equine neuro-science and what has been done is so poorly designed that any conclusion are suspect.And what do you know, Jones has a great deal more to say about how our human brains work than about how horse brains work. […]

Words are the Source of Misunderstandings.

When I read other people‚Äôs horse blogs I realize just how little of time I spend verbalizing when working with and around my horses.  I do observe and set goals, and I can verbalize those if I need to. But verbalizing is an effort at the best of times and it interrupts the flow of […]