On Longeing a Princess

I learned quite a bit about the Choctaw Princess’s history and perception of humans while free-longeing her last fall. I learned that she had, as her previous owner put it, been ‘over-schooled’ to freeze when a human put a rope around her neck or a halter on her head. As soon as there was pressure […]

The Choctaw Princess 90 Days On

A bucket of probiotic mash (click here) was enough to keep the Choctaw Princess’s attention long enough to get a side view photo. After 90 days, her condition is starting to stabilize. Although the changes are more subtle now, they are still important. Even a month ago, the top line of her croup was still […]

Why am I Publishing a Series?

Of course, I could have solved my book cover dilemma by stuffing everything into one encyclopedic volume. The idea of turning my horse training blogs into a series of books on horse training actually came from my Fly-By-Night publisher.  At first, their insistence that no one would ever read a book longer than 40,000 words […]

Beta Readers and Field Tests

One of my questions  my Fly By Night publisher never responded to was how to go about getting a couple of beta readers for my manuscripts. I have this peculiar and persistent idea that my instructions and stories on horse training should be tested to make sure that they are accessible, engaging, and usable before […]