E·gre·gious Acts of Cruelty

When horse cruelty hits the pages of USA today, I do stop and take notice. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/03/11/horse-abuse-soring-bills-in-congress/6304321/ And if I had any doubts about the sorry state of our nation’s leaders ethics and/or  their egregious cruelty this has put them to rest: https://tuesdayshorse.wordpress.com/2017/01/21/trump-and-mcconnell-team-up-to-prevent-rule-that-would-virtually-end-horse-soring/ Just a note people, remember that it is well documented that people who […]

Are We There Yet?

(Riders) must also recognize The simple fact that There are no perfect human beings. We are so far from perfect That if there ever are any perfect humans We probably won’t recognize each other As the same species. Trying to be perfect can lead to insanity, And striving for perfection In (horsemanship) can make (Horse […]

Light In Hand

Pandiculation: nature’s way of maintaining the functional integrity of the myofascial system? Author information My search to explain how and why precise and minute jaw flexions so dramatically influence the horse to relax their entire body, balance themselves, and move as one with their rider, while pulling their heads and necks about not only makes […]

Lateral Moves and Changing Leads

‘ “I must say, that instead of emphasizing more and more the schooling exercises, I have come to the conclusion That shoulder-in and two-track work Are nothing more than amusing diversions Often detrimental to the horse And of utility only in permitting The mounted soldier to position his horse Correctly in the ranks.” Horse Training […]

On the Longe Line- Changing Gears

The rider’s weight comes first as a nuisance For the horse because Beside the additional load it creates, It also wobbles. But as soon as the rider has learned to control this wobbling, That is to maintain his torso Parallel to itself in any circumstances The weight can become a very determining aid The Rising […]

On the Longe Line- Light Hands

Since the rider should strive to keep his torso Imperturbably stable No matter what, The shifts of weight Should be done by a mere displacement of the pelvis… The lateral tippings of the pelvis Should not alter in the least The horizontal setting of the line of the shoulders And its fore and aft rotations […]