Beta Readers and Field Tests

One of my questions  my Fly By Night publisher never responded to was how to go about getting a couple of beta readers for my manuscripts. I have this peculiar and persistent idea that my instructions and stories on horse training should be tested to make sure that they are accessible, engaging, and usable before […]

Beyond Acidophilus

My very latest summer 2015 catalogue of horse supplies includes a product that finally addresses my longstanding complaint about commercial horse probiotics. It turns out that someone out there was listening when I repeatedly asked WHY don‎’t horse probiotics have, if not variety, at least one single culture adapted specifically to the horse. As of […]

Kikkuli Principles of Horse Fitness

Thank you for coming to my blog.  I appreciate your interest, and want to let you know that the content of this post is being incorporated into a series of books. Horse  fitness is as vital now as it has been to cavalry for some 3500 thousand years although our challenges are a little different.  […]

The Eighth Door and the Horses of the Mist

“Thus Charlemagne, emperor and king of the Franconians and Defender of Roman Popes, is to be the one who will destroy our old world. But finally, when his God, his Rome and his Popes will fade in their glamour and terror, people will start to remember what he has robbed us of. “ A Prophecy […]

Learn To See

By the time a horse begins to vocalize (groan) with pain IF they ever do make noise at all their situation is life threatening.  Noticing signs of pain , distress, and discomfort early on is vital in schooling and competition as well as horse keeping. Learn to see, not just look! Here are a few […]

I’ve Got A Feeling

Fine horsemanship has been considered a spiritual practice for countless ages so a synonym for ‘feeling’ in horsemanship  might be ‘mindfulness’ in Buddhist practice.  Horses are naturally mindful, they are incredibly aware of and responsive to us and our awareness of them. They are also, like our emotional feelings and our physical perceptions, non-verbal. To […]