Post-Lightning Strike Update

I have not been posting much about my pain/health issues mostly because having gotten into the western medical insurance system, I do get access to the oh-so-expensive diagnostic tests that are basically priced out of reach of the uninsured, but I also get the mainstream medicine chronic pain whammy.  Seeing that yep, things are actually […]

Enzymatic Action

About ten years ago an enzyme called nattokinase became available to the general public. Nattokinase is a byproduct of the microbes active in fermenting soybeans and it breaks down a protein in the body called fibrin. Among other things, fibrin is a major component of scar tissue. Scarring of my connective tissue was still a […]

What Doctors Can Do

I am not going to name any of my doctors because  there could be the one reader out there that is looking to shut alternative practitioners down.  I am infinitely grateful to my doctors for saving my life and I profoundly respect their battles against the for profit medical industry, the federal and state licensing […]