Hope Dawns

As I approach the last doorway in Parzival’s journey, I have reviewed the blogs that follow my own journey and cleaned up my old posts a bit.  Since the hard drive on my computer is threatening imminent collapse. I also managed to get a few more photos uploaded.To take look click here. Since we are […]

Rune Stances

Another reason that I pursue the likelihood of Parzival learning about his lineage and responsibilities through Ecstatic Trance Postures (click here) is because there is an ancient esoteric use of body posture associated with the Runes whose principles are still in active practice.  Edred Thorsson’s book “Futhark” is admirable in its melding of history and […]

The Silver Wheel and the Lady In Red

The hexagon is called the mother of all rune shapes, which made no sense to me until I found out about the constellation of the Winter Hexagon, also known as the Hoop of Nations. The six stars that mark the points of the Winter Hexagon are: Pollux in Gemini Procyon in Canis Minor Sirius in […]

The Stars Dance

When I decided to read through the 1992 drawing of the Rune Rock inscription, I found myself one step deeper into mystery and history. I read the runes from the top down, and from left to right following the structure of the Externsteine outcropping.  The 1992 rune inscription iwas quite clear in directing its readers […]


I was not alone in my visionary experiences as it turns out that the Externsteine have been a place of visions for centuries. There are chambers  carved out of the main body of the rock that are usually closed to the public. There is a hollow basin in this chamber large enough for a grown […]

The Inexplicable

There are very few written records from the point of view of the Saxons as their emphasis was on personal experience. So my first explanation for the rune rock inscription was that it probably dates to the time after Charlemagne when it became clear that the Catholic Church would suppress all knowledge of the old […]