World Tree Cards

  • The significant problems we face today
  • cannot be solved
  • at the same level of thinking we were at
  • when we created them.
  • Albert Einstein

The balance is broken, our ecosystems are collapsing, and the Earth’s biosphere is undergoing a dramatic and irreversible change which all just happens to coincide with the explosion of interest and experimentation with neo-shamanic visionary practices.  Why, when for the most part people seek out shamanic practices and experiences with the goal of healing themselves if not the planet, do we continue to spiral into disintegration?

Those who long for peace and unity, however well-intentioned, still tend to define it as “everybody should be just like me”. In our body, we call that cancer.  And it destroys us. We desperately need a workable experiential definition of wholeness that is strengthened by differences,  a map that shows us how to conceive of the intricate flexible multi-leveled web of non-linear relationships that sustain life on this planet. This map needs to be coherent in and between  all realms: intellectual, emotional, visionary, and physical. It must be simple enough for a child to play with and complex enough to intrigue the  intellectual mind.  Not least, it must be more than a game, it must be proven in the alchemical fires of survival.

My journey with the 144 cards of my World Tree deck began about twenty years ago. I had completed the arduous process of removing all the mercury filings from my teeth and should have been through the worst. Instead, I went into a complete physical collapse. My adrenals quit, my kidneys shut down, I got pneumonia, and I had a small stroke,  Adding not being able to breathe or pee to my usual issues of having difficulties seeing, walking, and eating really made me feel it was time to go. My body had been struggling for decades already and a life time of chronic pain with no adrenal function left me without any desire to keep on keeping on. I had found myself in a very quiet state where breathing had become an interesting and occasional process, not really worth the effort, when all of my father’s spiritual connections showed up.

To give that some context, shortly before my father, an Earl of Annon (click here), died in 1983, he had asked me what I knew about spiritual power. My answer was that while I didn’t know much about it, the one thing I knew for sure was it was for the good of the larger community, not for self-aggrandizement. Then he told me that of all his children I was the one he gave his spiritual connections to.  That was all the 3-d information I got. Six months later, I was pretty sure he had ruined my life, ten difficult years later I decided I was done with the whole incarnation scene.

That is when all these beings showed up telling me I needed go out into the world to teach about sacred community. There is a longstanding indigenous tradition here in the American Southwest that certain individuals may get called to the other side where the spirits of the land will tell them what their work is.  I wasn’t planning on being one of these people. I still have no community structure to support me or my work, and my family  miasm carries centuries of the psychopathy of  Dutch bankers, Salem witches, French pirates, and various other opportunists and extremists of the transplanted mixed-race American melting pot.

And I am an extremely private person. The idea of talking to one person about my visionary and spiritual experiences was traumatic enough. Public exposure simply wasn’t in the cards (pun intended).

So I refused.

After a traditional three days of arguing,  I was given to understand that I would neither die or get well until I agreed to do the work that  these beings so urgently needed to be done. I was really upset and felt they were truly playing dirty. Unfortunately,I did not see any way out except to agree.  But I did demand that they give me a tool. It is simply not possible for a single individual to demonstrate the complex web of relationships in a whole and healthy sacred community. Thus the cards:


The whole set of 144 cards appeared in my mind as one complete gestalt. The real challenge for me came when the Runes wanted to be integrated into the matrix as they forced me to address the deep rift that exists between the oral and kinesthetic wisdom of indigenous cultures and the literary weight of the great religions. When four other sacred Alphabets wanted in Asian Medicine, the Japanese Kototama specifically, gave me the clue I needed. There are five major organ/energy systems in the human body. Each one has its own alchemical processes and purposes, its own world view, and even its own alphabet. I ended up integrating all five different alphabets into the deck and one of my challenges in this blog is writing a coherent and accessible story for each of the alphabets.

To do this I have had to look at an awful lot of material, and then I have had to realize that most of it is irrelevant to my purposes. I find that in working out a resolution to my predicament, I manage to offend just about everybody.  So the cards also include ways to work with our own bodies:

  • Ecstatic trance postures
  • martial arts stances and movements

I print my own decks with lightfast ink on acid free card-stock and I am in the process of putting together a World Tree Wiki for the multi-leveled non-linear information of the cards.

  • I sell the deck of cards with a trial subscription to the Wiki
  • Card users can subscribe to the Wiki (click here)
  • Subscription can include online community discussions with input from me
  • Skype and e-mail allow me to offer long-distance readings/sessions.
  • E-classes, groups, and certification programs are percolating.
  • Mentoring programs may include all or any of the above

If you are interested in participating or supporting any  of the above, click here or use the contact form below to let me know:


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