World Tree Publications

  • The significant problems we face today
  • cannot be solved
  • at the same level of thinking we were at
  • when we created them.
  • Albert Einstein

Rune Stances And Creation Stories:

The living field of the Runes showed up in my dreams and visions demanding to be told as a story of creation nearly twenty years ago. I am pleased that I finally found a way to tell their story that opens the door to healing and transformation of their traumatic history.

I was introduced to bio-dynamic phenomenological anthroposophical embryology the summer of 2018 and it was an eye opener.Not least because I found out that most of what we think we know about how embryos develop is wrong. And not just ‘oh there is more to learn’ wrong but flat out fraudulent wrong.

Well over a hundred years ago Ernst Haeckel openly admitted he used at least one dog embryo and flat out  made up even more diagrams to illustrate his theory that ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny” in the development of the human embryo. But his claim that we humans pass through stages that echo the phases of evolution while developing in the womb are still presented as facts.

Why? Well, because the idea that humans, specifically white male humans, are the top of the evolutionary chart appeals to those who  want to justify social Darwinism, eugenics, mysogeny, racism, child abuse etc.  Women children, people of color, and animals are ‘lesser’  beings  that have lesser consciousness and obviously lesser sensations because they are less developed that adult white men.

Those who have actually looked at the human embryo over the last century or so actually have evidence that all of us we humans are much less developed than our animal relations who specialize in order to survive. We are truly humans from the moment of conception and we are generalists, born with many embryonic qualities, from our voice box to our hands. My realization that the creation story meaningful to people of all lineages is how we go about creating our own body from sperm and egg was the catalyst that finally got the Rune’s  story told.

If you click on the title, it should take you to Amazon where you can buy each e-book. However, the company that formats and distributes my e-books works with many different distributors, so you should be able to find my work at your favorite bookseller.

World Tree Card Deck

We humans desperately need a map that shows us how to conceive and interact with the intricate flexible multi-leveled web of non-linear relationships that sustain life on this planet. It must be simple enough for a child to play with and complex enough to intrigue the adult mind. Not least, it must allow us to explore how wholeness is strengthened by differences, how continuity arises out of change and how order is inherent in chaos.

This whole set of 144 cards appeared in my mind as one complete gestalt, a gift of my ancestors and my spiritual lineage. They are a fractal map of both the microcosm of our own human esoteric geography and of the macrocosm of the complex relationships of the elements, plants and animals animals that sustain life on this beautiful planet.

I have yet to find a print-on demand publisher for decks of cards. If you are interested in the World Tree cards, you can use the contact form below to let me know. Please give me time to respond as my internet access is erratic:





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