Learning The Flying Dismount

Thank you for coming to my blog.  I appreciate your interest, and want to let you know that the content of this post is being incorporated into a series of books. The contents of this blog have been incorporated into  Rider Up,  a volume that is in progress.

Rider safety is important, and preparing both horse and rider to part ways calmly and safely under duress has been part of my schooling program, and helps reduce the severity as well as the number of accidents.

I take the opportunity to share my insights with a larger audience seriously. You can track my e-publishing progress by clicking here.


2 thoughts on “Learning The Flying Dismount

    • Nope. I learned at the military cavalry school in San Miguel de Allende as a kid and it has been a life-saver. One of these days if I get myself a proper camera set up I’ll do a video.

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