Confessions of a Plasma Globe

For weeks after being hit by lightning, I saw lovely magenta electrical fields, streaked with blue-violet and shimmering in shades of rose and lavender, every time I closed my eyes. When I looked for lightning photos on the web, I came across some examples that illustrated my visions perfectly. It turns out they were pictures of plasma globes. A plasma globe is an insulated hollow container filled with noble gases and with a negatively charged electrode in the center. When an electrical current is run through the electrode, lightning begins to dance in the globe.

I am not so sure about the noble gases part, but the traumatized negatively charged scar tissue in my liver certainly functioned as an electrode and my body is reasonably insulated and self-contained. However I did not realize quite how much voltage my body had been charged with and was continuing to hold until the pockets of dead and dying scar tissue in my liver that had been fried by the lightning strike began to break down and the electrically charged toxins began to leave my body. The first time it happened, I was actually feeling ok, even planning to go out in the world and socialize. Then I suddenly had a hideous amount of pain, a nasty headache, and promptly proceeded to completely short-circuit the ignition switch in my car, the telephones, and pretty much anything else I touched.

Apparently the lightning was quite selective and extremely thorough in completely frying all and only negatively charged tissue in my body. In the long run, I think I am grateful, as that included the precancerous nodule on my thyroid as well as obstructions and scar tissue deep in my liver and the base of my skull that my body had long ago learned to encapsulate and ignore. Short term, dumping charred liver, well-toasted scar tissue, another half-gallon of backed up old bile bits, and generally treading a fine line between dead obstructed inflamed and regenerating detoxifying new liver has been excruciatingly miserable. Especially while I am also dealing with headaches, blurry vision, foggy thinking, and other signs of aggravated long-term head trauma as the lightning did knock me completely unconscious even if briefly, and also set off renewed rounds of bits of bone working their way out of my head.

While the lovely magenta lights eventually eased off, I became prone to having my hands become huge green sparkly light-mitts instead, which made the horse shudder when he would let me touch him at all, and tended to short out electronics if I was not careful. Inside my torso, I started seeing more green light appearing surrounding a thick opaque cord or cable of caustic white as the core of my inner electrode. The white cable suddenly disintegrated in my vision around the First of July, which I would have loved to be an energetic cord cutting. Instead, within 48 hours, my liver began pouring out copious amounts of a caustic chalky white waxy substance that scoured my entire intestinal tract and left it chapped, brittle and raw all the way through. I ended up taking antihistamines and decongestants, which I very rarely do. All of which meant that what I was seeing was a big band of old scar tissue and its 50-year-old toxic metabolites break down, and again while all to the good long-term, the after effects still went on for way too many days.

Then a few knobs of ancient bile about the shape and consistency of, and that felt like they were nearly the size of, a hockey puck tore their way out of the contracted tissue where they had been lodged. That was a bit of a bloody mess, although my body is managing to force them all the way out. Pushing through a variety of hardened clumps 2+ inches in diameter does leave my liver feeling a bit tender and my bile sphincter a bit spastic though. So opening up circulation to areas that began dumping decades of sludge as fast as they possibly could, has not been particularly easy or pleasant.

Did I go to the hospital? No. The recommended course of action for either ruptured livers or bashed head is rest and especially without health insurance I don’t need to go to the ER, be charged a gazillion dollars, and get a lien put against my living quarters to learn that. Nor do I need to compromise what liver function I have left with the vast pharmacopeia western medicine so promptly resorts too. Especially because the liver trauma as well as my peculiar and particular genetics means that I do not metabolize drugs as predicted and not only do I not receive any benefit but quite often have radically uncomfortable, even dangerous, reactions.

NSAID’s (aspirin, Tylenol etc) give me rashes and other unpleasantness
Steroids like cortisone send me into adrenal collapse
Muscle relaxants like Flexiril and Valium result in paradoxical reactions of
extreme muscle spasm even tooth-cracking tetany, irritability, skin crawling tension, and general misery
Opiates counteract the effects of Low-Dose-Naltrexone

Trying to convince medical personnel that you don’t have to experience any kind of iatrogenic illness more than once to whole-heartedly resist any risk of a reoccurrence does not make one popular in the hospital. Nor do they like to admit that while they can run liver function tests that will confirm that yes, caustic cholesterol white and burning bilirubin black waxy substances pouring out are signs that one’s liver function is completely out of whack, they don’t have much to offer in the way of fixing the problem
I, on the other hand, have found what helps me in the wilds of alternative medicine, most of which I would be denied access to in a hospital setting.

So how do I deal with my situation?

With herbs, spices and supplements that help the function and regeneration of the liver:
N-acetyl cysteine
Serrapeptase and other enzymes
Chanca Piedra herb
Aloe vera juice
Black Cherry concentrate
Cranberry concentrate
Coffee both drink and enemas

With alternative modalities to interrupt the inflammatory process:
Md-wave frequency generator

And with mind/body practices:
Working with the horse

The last is a real lifesaver because the body perceives pain and allocates resources according to context. Therefore, if I am lying about in bed feeling terrible my body is going to conclude that the most dangerous and so most painful item around is the traumatized liver tissue and backed up bile lumps. However faced with a 1400 lb animal that whose reaction times are enormously faster than mine even on my best day that can and will leap about unpredictably and wants to run 40 MPH, my body will prioritize my ability to move and will get rid of whatever interferes with that need for survival. So, even if for only a short time, my body will start pumping blood into my liver, which then tears through scar tissue, secretes fresh bile, and eventually forces obstructions to move.

While later I may feel unpleasant aftereffects, I very literally am not aware of the intensity of the pain while I am concentrating on the horse. Unlike so much of what western medicine offers to chronic pain sufferers as treatment, I also get ongoing benefit as my body responds to the aftermath as a need for rest, repair, and regeneration, not as an ongoing threat, completely changing the way it perceives and responds to my ongoing pain and tissue damage. Moreover, the horse is cost-effective. Since I keep him at home, feeding him for a year runs about $2500, or less than a single trip to the emergency room AND I have unlimited access to my therapist!

Several months on, stabilizing is still not appearing on the horizon- part of which is stress, but part of it is my body continuing to process hugely unreasonable amounts of trauma and toxins. I am getting to where I can eat, sleep, even dress, without excessive pain but days where I can read, drive, and handle electronics are few and far between. The accumulation of blows to my physical and financial health has also knocked me offline so I will be posting blogs erratically and not reading much at all.

Which brings this part of my story approximately up to the present, and yeah, I am tired, irritable, broke, and seriously fed up with the whole situation.

5 thoughts on “Confessions of a Plasma Globe

  1. Oh my Sara…sending healing prayers your way. I applaud and admire your tenacity and decision to fore-go the crap that western medicine has to offer (am dealing with that yet again w/my mom). I hope that you rise as a Phoenix from this. all my best…


    • Your prayers are much appreciated and I am still around, even if my healing is not nearly as quick as I’d prefer. I’m taking this as a lesson in depth and timing of transformation and healing.


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