I’m Voting for an Elected Government

I am not a member of the Democratic party. I have not been member of the Democratic party since my college days. I do not intend to become a member of the Democratic party in the foreseeable future. But:

I like living in a country where we have the possibility of government reform without bloodshed.

Our current place holder in the office of the President has made it clear he has no interest in maintaining even a facade of an elected government.

So I will be voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this fall. Both of them have been members of the military. That means they have taken an oath to defend the constitution of the United States of America.

It might be a giant leap of faith to assume that means that they have a passing acquaintance with the principles expressed in that document, but at least it is a possibility.

But Democratic Party be forewarned: I am voting for Democratic candidates in spite of your track record not because of it.

One Democratic phone caller actually tried to persuade me that any Democratic candidate was better than any Republican regardless of their personal record or credentials. Yet:

The Democratic party is allowing Trump and his Trumpettes to dictate the political conversation now.

The Democratic party failed to learn anything from Obama’s successful campaign…um remember the whole engage with people under the age of 55 part that got him elected?

The Democratic party is so invested in the two-party system, they cannot imagine how to frame never mind address the multiple survival issues that humans now face.

The Democratic party has chosen a complacent elitist position that has alienated me, and I can only guess how many other others.

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