My Spanish Mustang Stallion Arrives

Open Photo
EHF Asad

EHF Asad is linebred to Cochise, the stallion the founders of the Spanish Mustang Registry held up as an example of their ideal horse. As you can tell from the number of links in this paragraph, he meets my criteria foran outstanding individual of these exceptional and extra-ordinary horses.

When I inherited my property a decade ago there were about 150 horses and a feed store within the Traditional Village of Agua Fria. Now there are about 10 horses and the feed store is closed. I am one of the few hold outs.

My location does allow me to promote the breed so Asad will become an ambassador for his strain. I also plan on schooling Asad so he is a reliable mount under saddle. And although I do not have to facilities for visiting mares, I do plan to work with those who wish to breed their mares to him.

Asad was foaled in 2005. He is halter-broke, but has spent his life up in Iowa as a herd sire. Coming to my place will be a big change for him after living out on pasture with his mares and foals.

I’ll be posting our journey together here.

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